Some questions to ask before starting an internship

What are your goals? Setting goals is a strategy that interns need to possess because it can help them develop a framework for their internship experience. It provides them a sense of purpose and direction, and serves as a standard where they can measure their performance progress.  In order to have an effective internship, you […]

Building good staff relationship during your internship

At the start of every professional experience, it is important to create a lasting and positive image to the people surrounding you. Often times, the relationship established at the onset of your work sets the tone for the entire time you are going to be part of that company. Forming strong relationships is very important […]

Resume Writers Help Customer Service Professional Get Admitted to University

Individuals have various reasons for preparing a resume.  Some want a resume as part of the application process in landing their dream jobs.  Some are interested in pursuing further studies like the Physician Assistant Program in various universities.  Regardless of your purpose, it is essential that you have a professional resume that will highlight your […]

Communication Studies Student Discovers an Easy Way to Write Resume

One of the many concerns among many students and professional about resume writing is that nobody is ever trained to write a resume.  It does not matter which school you come from.  People who need to prepare a resume for internship or for a new job simply do not have the skill, experience and confidence […]

Professional Nurse Gets Help from Resume Writers

Writing a professional resume is an issue for many individuals.  It does not matter whether you are a student in community college or a professional working as a registered nurse in a hospital.  It can be a tedious and daunting process for the untrained individuals. Take the case of Debra S, a registered nurse in […]

Resume Mentors Help College Students Land Internship Posts

Employers give more priority to relevant work experience than college degrees in hiring new college graduates. Studies say that relevant work experience is one of the most important factors they consider. Some studies even say that 58% of employers consider relevant work experience as the most important qualification for hiring college students. What does this […]