Top 5 Expectations of Employers from Internship Applicants

Potential recruiters understand that students applying for internship programs do not have professional level qualifications yet. However, this does not mean that they do not think highly of student applicants. In fact, most of them have the following expectations from their potential interns: A professionally-written resume Potential employers expect their internship applicants to be able […]

How to Write Your Resume for Internship

Studies reveal that internship programs help college students to have a successful transition from college life to career life. This is probably why you are applying for one. As an aspiring intern looking for the best employment program available for you, it is understandable that your greatest dilemma would be writing your resume. After all, […]

How to Write a Standout Resume according to Psychologists

We know psychology as the study of behavior and mind; but do you know that it can also help you get your dream job? Psychologists reveal how to write a standout resume that will increase the likelihood of being shortlisted for an interview. Quantify the results of your efforts It is easy to plot a […]

Five Things to You Should Never Write in a Resume (And What to Put Instead)

Every 21st-century job seeker would agree that getting hired for a job gets harder and harder by the minute. So, everyone gets overly enthusiastic as early as writing their resume. They put numerous details on their resume— even the unnecessary ones—because of the belief that the longer the resume, the better the impression it sets […]

Components of a Resume for College Admission

Creating college admission resumes have been an increasing necessity for high school students seeking to pursue their applications in colleges and universities. The document contains relevant information that highlights key accomplishments during high school. The resume can help in creating a favorable position for the applicant. Here are the basic components of a college admission […]

Wrong Perceptions in Resume Writing

Myths are common in the field of writing. The same is also evident in resume writing. One should be careful in taking note of these errors. Familiarizing with these common mistakes are helpful increasing the potential of a candidate to create a good resume, properly document professional credentials, and achieve positive results. Here are four […]