Thank you / Follow-up Letter

Professional Thank You and Follow-Up Letter Services

A thank you/follow-up letter is a correspondence usually sent to the hiring manager after the interview process. The content of the document or e-mail should recognize the significance of the interview, the relevant parts that occurred during the conversation, and the reason why you are perfect for the position. It is important that the tone is professional and direct to the point. Your letter should also be sensitive to word choices and avoid the use of slang. A good closing paragraph should try to integrate all the points and emphasize your enthusiasm in finding out the decision.

Rezzume believe that creating thank you / follow-up letters can increases the chance of a candidate to become accepted in the position. That is why our mentors have continuously utilized their experience and skills to become up-to-date on how to draft the document effectively. By choosing our thank you / follow-up letter service, you can be assured that the finished product our mentors provide matches your needs and industry standards. Here is what to expect if you seek a thank you / follow-up letter from our mentors:

  • A documented created and/or formatted in letter format
  • Professionally written document with emphasis on client’s application background
  • Proper checking of word choice, grammar, and structure

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