Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSA) Writing

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Writing Services

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSA) writing is defined as a document that provides candidate the ability to showcase qualifications and experience to prospect employers. The purpose of the KSA is to offer competencies and demonstrates how you match these with vacant position.

The knowledge part should include a statement that describes your background or familiarity of information essential in completing a task. The skill section provides the opportunity to show proficiency in handling verbal, manual, and mental tasks. Lastly, ability seeks to indicate how actions or activities are demonstrated based on observation and feedback.

Rezzume recognizes the importance of writing KSA statements and how these reflect the ability of a candidate to translate capabilities to a particular job or position. Our mentors continue to develop familiarity on strategies to write KSA which can help your capabilities to stand out.  To showcase our expertise and commitment, we continue to prescribe to these practices that define our standards of quality.

  • Our mentors write your KSA statement based on the specific requirements of a position
  • Prior to writing, our mentors gather relevant information from you to provide accurate and timely document
  • As much as possible, our mentors like to use personal examples to create an authentic and personal approach in presenting your skills to employers
  • Before submitting the completed document, our mentors review and edit the KSA and ensure that the information is consistent and relevant to your requirements