Some questions to ask before starting an internship

What are your goals?

Setting goals is a strategy that interns need to possess because it can help them develop a framework for their internship experience. It provides them a sense of purpose and direction, and serves as a standard where they can measure their performance progress.  In order to have an effective internship, you need to ask yourself first: what goals do I want to accomplish during my internship? Try writing a brief list of the goals you want to accomplish during the internship period, but it is also advisable to seek help from your supervisor so they can provide feedback on your learning goals.

Goals should include educational, professional and personal.  Among these, professional and educational goals can be shared to your supervisor to properly guide you across the internship experience. They can help you identify what areas of work can provide you with better learning opportunities and how to achieve such.

What responsibilities do I have with my college and employer?

As an intern, you need to keep in mind that you are not just representing yourself because you are also carrying the name of your college and your future self as a professional. In order to do this, you should abide by the rules set forth by your college and your employer. Second, you are expected to act responsibly, honestly and with integrity at all times.  As part of the regular internship program, you need to keep both your school and your supervisor updated of your physical address, contact number and regular schedule at work because they are also responsible about your whereabouts.

Second, you need to know that aside from your school, you are already governed by the policies of your employer. In line with this, you need to abide by the dress code, regular office hours, procedures, as well as their conduct standards. Keep in mind that all of these responsibilities will be graded accordingly both by your school and employer.

What workplace expectations should I list on top?

While there are different kinds of workplace expectations that interns should consider, you need to only prioritize the most important like personal communications, proper attire and intellectual property rights. When we speak of personal communications, these are some of the things/gadgets you do or use to communicate for personal purposes. These should be limited during work hours because you need to focus on building your skills and knowledge as a professional.

Second, interns should be aware of proper attire to be worn in accordance with the organization or business. It does not necessarily mean that you need to invest on new wardrobe, but you need to do make proper attire choices that are appropriate at the internship site. Finally, your employer reserves all the intellectual rights of the work you produced during your stay. Thus, if you need to make use of such work results for educational or personal purposes, you need to write a formal letter of request to your employer.

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