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Free Resume Review Services

Want a professional to check your resume and give you feedback for free?

Resume review involves providing specific checks and assessment of a resume document. The review focuses on the overall impression of the document, stylistics, grammar, and word choices.  The purpose is to determine whether the document connects with your professional background and experience. Seeking professionals who can provide expert review can be an advantageous approach to consider in improving your chances for employment.

Rezzume believes the importance of keeping your resume relevant, complete, and up-to-date. That is why our mentors have decided to offer our resume review for FREE. We will gladly review your resume document and provide general comments for changes or improvement. Should you wish to further pursue on expanding the suggestions and recommendations provided, our resume writing services or resume editing services can assist you in creating the suitable document that can complement your needs.  Here is what to expect if you seek a resume review from our mentors:

  • Our mentors will comment and offer recommendations on the overall style and impression of the resume
  • The document will include comments (from Microsoft Word) to identify areas that needs to be further developed or changed

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