Professional Nurse Gets Help from Resume Writers

Writing a professional resume is an issue for many individuals.  It does not matter whether you are a student in community college or a professional working as a registered nurse in a hospital.  It can be a tedious and daunting process for the untrained individuals.

Take the case of Debra S, a registered nurse in the Emergency Department in a hospital at Kauai, Hawaii.  She went to our website to ask about a professional resume writing services. Initially, she was hesitant because she was unsure about whether we could deliver or we are just one of the companies posing as professionals who can write resume.  Eventually, we were able to convince her that we are legit after showing her our portfolio.

When she was sure that she found the right resume writers, she gave us the scope of work.  She revealed that she wants to update her existing resume to include her new roles, responsibilities and accomplishments.  She said, “I will attach  my current resume, so you will have all the necessary information, it just needs to be updated and look more professional.  Probably with different font or layout.”

Upon checking her resume, we found that it already contains the important elements that need to be included in a professional resume.  It has a personal profile, past experiences, educational background, certifications, activities and services.

Our resume mentor advised her that we will be re-organizing the font and layout of the resume. We will be integrating specific keywords used in the nursing profession and correcting minor grammatical errors.  We will also include important information for her personal profile to make sure that everything flows.

Upon receiving her professional resume, she sent us her kind words. “Thanks guys for the great work! I will definitely be back in case my resume needs updating in the future.”

Writing resume has never been easier.  Professional resume writers are available to help you prepare a winning resume that you can use in looking for a new work or getting to graduate school.  If you have an existing resume, just send us your old resume and tell us what you want us to add. We will make sure to deliver a professional resume on time at very affordable costs.

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