Sample Resume

With the stiff competition in the job market today, job applicants should be aware that their resume needs to be almost perfect.  This means that your resume should have all information which the hiring managers are looking for.  Considering that hiring managers only allot several few seconds to each resume, the burden is upon the job applicant to make his resume impressive.

Does your resume contain your contact information, LinkedIn Profile, and key skills and experiences? Does it highlight your accomplishments?  Don’t give the hiring managers a hard time looking for these key information.

In writing a powerful resume, it is helpful to find out what other applicants who are applying for the same position are writing on their resume.  In line with this, we have chosen one sample resume for each industry to serve as your guide in writing your own resume.

Check out the sample resume below to find  out if you are missing key information that may want to add on your resume.  Below it, you can also our sample cover letters which you can use as guide in writing your own cover letter


Sample Cover Letter