Resume Mentors Help College Students Land Internship Posts

Employers give more priority to relevant work experience than college degrees in hiring new college graduates. Studies say that relevant work experience is one of the most important factors they consider. Some studies even say that 58% of employers consider relevant work experience as the most important qualification for hiring college students.

What does this mean for college students? It means it does not matter if you don’t belong to the Ivy League schools. You still have a chance to land your dream job after your graduation.

Getting an internship, however, is easier said than done. With so many college students looking for internship and limited slots available for them, there is a fierce competition among college students to land internships that will boost their credentials.

The solution is to prepare an impressive and focused resume that clearly indicate the college student’s personality, interests and goals.

For many college students, preparing an impressive and focused resume is a daunting task. They are unsure of what to write on their resume, including what font sizes and font types to use. They ask about the important information that should be included in the resume. As a result, they hesitate to prepare their own resume. They are even more frustrated when they realize that the hiring managers spend an average of 6 to 8 seconds to scan their resume. Preparing a resume that stands out is indeed a difficult task for some college students.

Sahar H, a college student looking for an internship in one of the dental clinics in California, found out how easy it is to prepare a resume.  In her customer testimonial, she said that “I went to and asked the customer service representatives about the information that they need from me. When I was satisfied that they know what they were talking about, I placed an order. After 5 days, I checked my email and was surprised to receive a very good resume. The process was simple and easy.” College students like Sahar have realized that preparing a resume need not cause tremendous stress on their part.

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