Building good staff relationship during your internship

At the start of every professional experience, it is important to create a lasting and positive image to the people surrounding you. Often times, the relationship established at the onset of your work sets the tone for the entire time you are going to be part of that company. Forming strong relationships is very important for interns. It is beneficial for your career and professional development both for short and long term.

However, this is easier said than done especially for someone who is still adjusting from being a college student to an intern. Starting internships is challenging because of new tasks and process that you need to familiarize with, but it is also fun as long as you know how to handle them properly. One way to become more skilled is to build relationships with your colleagues. You can do this by following simple yet effective steps:

Remember to smile

Since you are an intern who is new to the work setting, the smile you carry forms impression of yourself. Whether you are greeting your team good morning or walking past a colleague down the aisle, smiling is brings your positive and friendly attitude up front. It gives people the impression that you are approachable and accommodating and that you are willing to become friends with them not just inside but also outside of your work.

Interact with colleagues regularly

Most people at work tend to be interested in newcomers beyond their qualifications or professional skills. This is true for interns who need guidance in their career development. Therefore, it is your task as an intern not only to show interest with your work but also to know more about the people around you. This type of conversation can go a long way towards developing your communication skills. Asking simple questions about work can start conversations and build relationships in a positive way.

Never limit communications in your own team

Make sure that when you are endorsed by your supervisor, you also introduce yourself to other departments and teams. This will widen your network in the office and open you up to other possibilities should you decide to pursue your career in your chosen internship site.  This allows you to show your character reference to people outside your department and what qualifications you possess as an intern and colleague.

Get involved

Your company’s community is essential not only for growth but for meeting new people with same interests, making you more aware of the company’s ins and outs.  Get involved in simple activities like attending birthdays, company events or team buildings. This will not only boost your professional relationships, but also build friendship and connections even with the most unlikely person.

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