Am I allowed to review the resume before it is finalized?

Before we finalize your resume, we allow you to go over it and review it to make sure that it meets your requirements.  Once you indicate that you are satisfied with our resume, we prepare the final resumes in two copies. One is in MS Word, and the other is in PDF. You can download any copy that you prefer.  You can ask our resume experts to provide you a preview of what was accomplished prior to completion of the resume. It is important to note however that proposed changes or revisions will only be entertained after the finished product has been submitted.

How do I place an order?

Resumentors offers you the flexibility of choosing our services that best complements your needs. You can do this by:

  1. Using our chat option – you can talk to one of our representatives so we can process your specific needs
  2. Fill up the form – provide us your requirements by filing out our order form located at this link
  3. Send us an email – you can email us directly about your requirements so we can process your order/s





Why should I hire a professional resume writer?

Hiring a professional resume writer provides you the convenience of having your document created, edited, and formatted to meet the specific requirements and standards of your industry. Resumentors have been working with clients from different sectors for more than 10 years. Our resume writers are experienced in providing expert and quality inputs that can help you stand out amongst competition.

Can one resume cover my broad range of qualifications?

A resume should not cover a broad range of qualifications.  A resume should be specific to a particular industry you are applying for. Resumentors suggests that you include only the qualifications that fit the industry you are applying for.  We also suggest that you use keywords specific for that industry.

I’m thinking of a career change. What can you suggest?

Career change is an important reality in everyone’s professional career. It is a crucial step to take because it involves shifting knowledge, skills, and competencies in a different industry. Initially, it is important to examine how your previous experience or skillsets can complement the new position you aspire for. After carefully looking into your background, the next step is to create a new resume that will emphasize your intention to shift careers and start anew. Resumentors is familiar with these tasks and is more than willing to assist you in helping align your skills and pattern these to the requirements of your new position.

What do I write for my career goal?

Career goals comprise of the objectives and aspirations you seek to achieve during the course of your professional life. This involves both short- and long-term objectives that align with your specialization and industry. In writing these goals, it is essential to research how your career path progresses and what conditions are essential. Resumentors is capable of providing this option given our capacity to work with clients from different industries and position levels.


How can I update my resume?

Resumentors anticipate that you might want to update your resume as you learn new skills and accomplish important goals.  If ever you want to switch jobs, Resumentors highly recommends a resume update to show new information about you which prospective employers need to know.  For a reasonable fee, we will help you update your resume.

Updating your resume involves spending time to add and revise new experiences, training, education, certification, etc. Updating can also involve modifying the resume if you are changing careers and highlighting new skills and capabilities. Resumentors offers this service and you can be assured that our qualified writers can make the necessary changes and/or updates according to your requirements.



Do you guarantee confidentiality?

Resumentors is aware that the information you send to us are highly confidential.  Your resume contains important details that you might not want anybody other than your prospective employer to know.  For this reason, Resumentors guarantees confidentiality in the services we provide clients. In more than ten years’ experience, we have ensured and protected client information. We continue to promote privacy and do not publish or distribute information about our previous customers.


What should I do in case my resume and/or cover letter is lost or mislaced

Resumentors knows that you will constantly update your resume as you learn new skills and competencies, accomplish extraordinary goals for your company and even when you change jobs.   So, we make a commitment to store your resumes and cover letters in our database for easy retrieval. Resumentors keeps a repository of its completed works for clients for a specific time frame. If your resume and cover letter are lost or misplaced, you just have to send us an email and we will be more than willing to send them to you at no extra cost.


What if I’m not satisfied with the output of the writer?

Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction for all resumes.  We communicate with our clients and carefully plan the resume before we deliver them  This way, we have managed to be consistent with our results.

In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with our resume, please tell us about it and email support@resumentors.com.  We will be more than willing to listen to your suggestions and make revisions and improvements to your resume.  However, we just need you to be specific on what parts need to be changed or modified. We believe that by constant communication we can provide you a well-written product.



What is your turnaround time?

Resumentors has specific timelines for turnaround time. You can choose 5 days, 3 days, 48 hours, 24 hours or 12 hours.  Depending on your chosen urgency, we will deliver these in accordance to the agreed upon schedule.  Once you choose a specific turnaround time and you have provided us with all the information we need, you can expect that we can deliver your resume on time.

As part of our service, we will also provide you timely updates of progress. If you have any issues related to deadline feel free to contact our representatives so we can address your concern effectively.