Communication Studies Student Discovers an Easy Way to Write Resume

One of the many concerns among many students and professional about resume writing is that nobody is ever trained to write a resume.  It does not matter which school you come from.  People who need to prepare a resume for internship or for a new job simply do not have the skill, experience and confidence to write a resume.

There are many resources available online to help these individuals. There are books which teach individuals how to write a resume. There are various resume templates and designs available online as well that can serve as a guide for those interested to learn.

These resources available online, however, will only guide you how to prepare your own.  It does not only take time to learn that art and science of resume making but resume writing is also more complicated that getting advice from books or getting designs or templates online are simply not effective.  Nothing beats a professional resume writer to help a student or professional write or update his resume.

This is what Elian K., a Communication Studies student at the California State University, Northridge learned the hard way.  She has read some of the books on how to write a resume. She even has a resume template to guide her on the layout of her resume.

She found out that the hardest part is the actual writing of the resume.  She found that it is very difficult to find the right words to use in Career Objective and how she would describe her work experiences in a professional and impressive manner.

Rezzume Helping Students Write Professional Resume

As a solution, she turned towards a team of professional resume writers – Rezzume.

To guide us in writing her resume, she informed us that she needs the resume as she is applying for work.  She also sent us her draft resume so we have an idea of her past work experiences like the name of the company, job title, and job duties.  We asked detailed questions like what she plans to do for the future and how she envisions herself as a professional.

Based on the document she sent us, we prepared a professional resume. We suggested a cover letter as it is an important document as well for individuals looking for employment in terms of giving the hiring managers a quick overall impression of the job applicant.

Upon receiving her resume, she says “I totally find this resume satisfactory.  It looks very professional.  I feel confident now that I will get that job.”

Writing resume has never been easier.  Professional resume writers are available to help students prepare a winning resume that you can use in looking for a new work or getting to graduate school.  If you have an existing resume, just send us your old resume and tell us what you want us to add. We will make sure to deliver a professional resume on time at very affordable costs.

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