Top Four Reasons to Change Your Career

For some graduates and job seekers, But for many, a career change is necessary to find the new direction, seek a new life, leave a boring job or follow a passion. If you are stuck in an eight to twelve job that wears down your health and leaves you bored even in your two days […]

What Makes a Job a Dream Job

Every one of us voiced our dreams when we graduated as a kid or as an undergraduate, and as an employee hopping from one company to another one. We mutter in ourselves “I want to be an engineer, I want to be a physician, I want to be a computer scientist and I want to […]

Risk Management Awareness All Interns Should Consider

Depending on where you decide to start your internship, it is necessary for you to be concerned of your security and safety. Although this may not seem as a pleasant topic to discuss given that you are enthusiastic about the learning and experiences you can acquire during internship, being aware of the work environment along […]

Career growth – Reflecting on your internship experience

Making reflections on your overall internship is as important as the internship experience itself. But before you start your internship, there are certain questions you need to keep in mind because these will help you evaluate your progress towards effective internship. Questions to ask should cover your accomplishments on network building, career path, mentoring, understanding […]

Networking strategies for college interns

Developing and maintaining networks are important accomplishments for college interns.  The process of job-hunting has transformed in the past years through the use of online resources. This is useful, but keep in mind that you need to build networks from a personal perspective so that you can have a better idea of how the process […]

Managing stress in your internships

The transition from college to becoming a young professional can sometimes be stressful. This is just normal given the adjustment that a student needs to do prior to entering internship. However, there are instances when internship can be very time-consuming and demanding, which can increase stress in the process. Managing stress in internship is important […]