Importance of Internship Experience

Many business leaders agree that getting an internship is very essential for every college student.

Internships provide the student with hands-on experience about the industry that the classroom environment will never provide.  It allows the student to be exposed to the industry that he seeks to be a part of.  It allows him to engage and actually learn practical and useful information about the office environment.

Another argument in favor of internship is that the many employers prefer job applicants with an internship experience.  The logic is simple.  Would you rather hire an applicant with no experience in a work environment or an applicant with a solid internship experience?

For an employer, a college student with an internship speaks volumes about the individual.  It reflects that the college student has a clear vision of his future and has dedicated himself to learning the industry which he dreams to be a part of.  It also says that the college student is hardworking and has excellent work ethic.  Again, the logic is simple.  College students who are able to effectively balance their time working in an office environment while taking classes in a college or a university send a strong message of dedication and commitment to their craft.

Thus, it does not come as a surprise that students with internship experience generally receive more job offers compared to students without internship experience.  Moreover, students with internships receive higher salary for their first jobs compared to their peers with no internship experience.


We all have to start somewhere.  These prominent personalities show that internship can be the springboard for your success.

1.  Evan Spiegel Started as an Intern

2. Sean “Diddy" Combs Humble Beginnings as an Unpaid Intern

Rezzume – Your Partner to a Successful Internship Experience

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You need to create a brand that will distinguish you from the rest.

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