Sean “Diddy” Combs Humble Beginnings as an Intern

Success stories of individuals who started from the bottom end of the career ladder are always inspiring.  They impart many values including the importance of humility, attitude and hardwork.  These stories motivate us to strive and be the best in our field.

Consider the inspiring story of Sean Combs.  Born in Harlem, Sean Combs is known for having “a great attitude, a great energy.” While in his early 20s, he begged Andre Harrell, the head of Uptown Records, to be admitted as an intern.  Despite the unpaid internship, he commuted for four hours almost everyday from Howard to New York.  Through his skills and talents he launched the career of Mary J. Blige underscoring his understanding of hiphop not only as music but also as part of culture.

Sean Combs’ rise to prominence from an unpaid intern to a business mogul imparts several lessons.  First, we all need to start somewhere.  In the case of Sean Combs, his humble beginnings as an unpaid intern gave him exposure and honed his skills.  Second, attitude and hardwork will eventually be recognized and rewarded in the future.


Achieve Success as an Intern

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