What Makes a Job a Dream Job

Every one of us voiced our dreams when we graduated as a kid or as an undergraduate, and as an employee hopping from one company to another one. We mutter in ourselves “I want to be an engineer, I want to be a physician, I want to be a computer scientist and I want to be an astronaut.” After graduation and now as an employee, you are more likely to ponder what makes a job a dream job. Is it a salaried work for 8 hours per day or 8 X a week? A not stressful job with a meager salary? Or a double digit salaried work up in an office tower?  No single answer defines a dream job, but some things define a job that you wish for. Read on below:

Equalizes your work and personal life

A job that gives you freedom even if you have a family and even your job requires you to punch your card 8 hours per 5 days a week. Being good at work does not mean depriving you of precious family time or vacation leaves, training you into a workaholic one and sacrificing your health. A dream job complements your time and allows you enjoy a life without the shackles of corporate slave job.

Realizes your financial goal

Whether you aspire to buy a house, establish a business, purchase a car or send your kids to a good school, a dream job allows you to save for the future to buy those services and products that fulfill your family and personal needs. Likewise, a dream job sustains your income for a long time enough for you to earn to survive even without a full-time job.

Matches your passion or desire

Being employed with a generous package but with stressful or monotonous strings attached is nowhere a definition of an ideal job. You might be highly paid, but if your job stresses your mind and body that prevents you to live a normal life, then that job is far from a dream job. A dream job must match your passion or desire which are the ones that you love doing. When you love your work with enthusiasm and motivation, then you are lucky – because you found your dream job.

Allows you to improve

Employment is a like learning at school. Learn new skills to perform a task, learn to befriend a colleague and learn to collaborate with a team and unlearn unnecessary habits. Working in a dream job allows you to hone your social and technical skills so that you won’t get stuck in just one position.

Helps you to benefit others

Some occupations allow you to help others whether in health or fire safety. Indeed, recent research showed that helping others increases your life satisfaction. It feels good when you give than you receive. Helping others might be helping clients solve their problems or assisting immediate colleague or superiors.

Helps you grow as a person

To grow as an individual in a company or a job, your efforts must be recognized not sidelined. Your ideas and contributions valued and your goals aligned with the organization or company culture or values. Indeed, a dream job does not make you a mere salary slave but a partner to success.

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