New Nursing Graduate Receives Offer from a Hospital

New graduates will agree that it takes time to find a job.  It is not unusual to hear stories about new graduates going to the graduation ceremony and walking on the stage with virtually no available options.  In some cases, new graduates send out a number of resume before they will receive a call and get scheduled for an interview.

Graduating from college with a job offer from a good company is very rare.  To attend your graduation and walk on the stage knowing where you are heading in the next stage of your life is truly a blessing. New graduates who receive these job offers are very elated especially considering that most of them have student loans and bills to pay.

It is very inspiring to discover stories of new graduates who got accepted to a new job before their graduation.  Newly graduate Rebekah Massi recently received a job offer at Northside Hospital.  She will graduate from University of Tennessee in a couple of days with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing.  She said, “I’m excited to move to Atlanta and start work in a hospital.”

She adds that “It’s a sweet thing to celebrate before and have an idea of where you’re going, rather than just having to walk across the stage with no options on the table."

Despite being a new graduate, Rebekah Massi was successful enough to have received a job offer from a hospital.  If a new graduate like Rebekah can do it, so can you.

To be accepted, new graduates have to be armed with professional resume for them to get noticed.  Hiring managers notice applicants with a powerful resume showing the strengths and experiences of the applicant.  If you are a new graduate who need help writing your resume, visit