The Importance of Cover Letter


In search for the perfect job, applicants tend to exhaust their time and effort in creating the perfect resume – forgetting the importance of a well-crafted cover letter. So what can a cover letter do for you to get that coveted internship or dream job?

Companies tend to accept hundreds of resumes leaving little time for them to review each and every submitted resume. Standing out at over a hundred of probable candidates can be a very challenging task. This is where the magic of having a cover letter does for an aspiring employee. Think of your cover letter as a sales advertisement – a letter which highlights your outlined abilities and talents in a single reading. It only takes seconds to capture an employer’s attention and a well-written cover letter can make a huge difference. A cover letter can bring an employer’s attention in a right kind of way. It can set the tone of your whole application by highlighting your significant accomplishments as well as relevant skills needed for you to get the job.

Aside from setting the tone of your application, cover letters can also address some of the employers’ inquiry about an application. One of the most popular inquiry is personality. Cover letters can suggest early clues on what kind of premium pleasing qualities you can exhibit as an employee. Employers also look for candidates who demonstrate good communication skills. A concise and impeccable cover letter for the employer may just prove that you indeed communicate well.


Rezzume - The Solution to your Cover Letter Writing Needs

Rezzume offers excellent and effective cover letter writing services. We understand your need for well-written cover letters tailored for that dream job or internship you’ve always wanted. We write, edit and constantly review cover letters to improve the quality of the service we provide. Since it is our goal to make your cover letter stand out, we ask questions directly from our clients – the specific skillset they want to highlight, what kind of job or internship a client wants to pursue, unique strengths, and the tone of the cover letter they want to show on the cover letter. These information will be carefully crafted into a robust and excellent cover letter which will increase your chances for interview and hopefully to land that internship or job.

Rezzume’s team of cover letter writers have written over a hundred of tailored cover letters from a variety of individuals from different fields. They can easily adapt to the client’s instructions on the cover letter they want to be produced. They focus on your unique attributes and career goals to target a job or industry. These highly-trained individuals continue to thrive to give you that outstanding cover letter which brings you to your coveted internship or job.