The Importance of Branding in Business School

What is Branding and Why Is It Important

In the marketing world, companies build brands to distinguish themselves from their competitors.  These brands are supposed to set the product apart from the other products.  For example, Nike is associated with the top athletes in the world of sports to convey a message of competitiveness and victory.

In the business school applicant’s situation, he has to realize that the business school is a crowded marketplace.  There are hundreds of other applicants interested in getting his slot.  To be able to separate himself, he has to create his own brand.

It is therefore the message that an applicant wants to convey to the Admissions Committee.  It is the image that the applicant wants to be remembered by the Admissions Committee.  Is the applicant a leader or a follower? Is the applicant an innovator or a visionary? These messages are essential in establishing immediate impact to the mind of the Admissions Committee.


How to Convey Your Brand

How to Convey Your Brand

Be Clear.  To be able to convey a brand, you have to be certain of who you are, and what you plan to do in the future.  There must be clear direction where the applicant is going otherwise it will be extremely difficult to convince the Admissions Committee.  To send a clear message, an applicant must be able to identify his strengths and use it to create a value to his company.  The applicant should clearly avoid showcasing different strengths that might make an impression that he is uncertain of his future goals.

Show Expertise.  To deserve a slot in business school, the applicant must show that he is a promising candidate because of possession of specific skills that no other candidates possess.  You can use your strengths as springboard for developing a brand that will stick to the mind of the Admissions Committee.  If the applicant once struggled with weight problems but found a way to lose weight through diet and exercise, he could use his personal experiences to help design a diet and exercise program that will help people struggling with obesity.

Show Leadership.  Leadership means taking action to achieve a desired goal.  The Admissions Committee is interested in knowing that the applicant can utilize his skills to effecting change in the society.  One way of showing this is to highlight any accomplishments that the applicant may have achieved in his community.  For example, if the applicant has spearheaded recycling program that succeeded in his community, then this accomplishment should be included in his resume.


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